09 November 2015



Due in class November 12, 2015.

My favorite books are the ones that focus on someone in turmoil, a person at battle with the universe. John Green, the author of many YA books, often writes about smart kids just trying to get through the drama that is high school, one day at a time. One of the books I remember best from high school is Jane Eyre, the story of a girl orphaned and penniless, who makes her own way in the world during a time when to be smart and plain was a recipe for loneliness. Jane triumphs on her own terms. I still love nonfiction and historical books that place a lone warrior in opposition to a powerful conflict with a seemingly invincible foe. I LOVE Bernard Cornwell's Azincourt, which tells the tale of the remarkable victory of the English over the French in the Battle of Agincourt during the Hundred Years War --they were outnumbered 5 to 1, but won with the help of the longbowmen. Now I know how to construct a longbow and the arrows needed to wield it.

So--what attracted you to the book you are reading now? Write 250-300 words about the conflict facing the main character(s), or the odds against the protagonist. Finish your reply by the end of class. You must still spend 45 minutes making progress on your Khan practice test #1. Be aware that your replies are on the internet, so they can be read by anyone. Consider your diction and vocabulary carefully.  Directions on how to post are detailed on the sidebar of this blog.
Can't wait to read them!